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Cello Square

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Cello Square is an end-to-end logistics platform that runs on a smartphone or desktop computer and can handle all logistics processes from contract to shipment. It provides services such as air and sea shipping schedules, real-time cargo tracking, location and route data as well as logistics risk monitoring. It serves to find suitable quotations and optimised schedules, and also to identify logistics risks that arise along certain shipping routes. The platform thus helps managers to deal with specific issues quickly and effectively.

  • Design:
    Samsung SDS, CX Team, Seoul
  • Client:
    Samsung SDS, Smart Logistics Business Unit, Seoul
  • Interaction Design (Mobile):
    Taesun Yoo, Juhyun Lee, Jaebin Lee, Choroke Kim, Sungwook Choi
  • Interaction Design (Web):
    Moonyoung Kwon, Miyoung Seo, Yelim Goh, Jiyeon Myeong, Jihye Lee
  • Creative Direction:
    Jihyun Kim
  • Visual Design:
    Haanee Nam, Hanna Ryu, Inpyo Kim