Corporate Identity

CGN Rebranding

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The new corporate design of CGN aims to strengthen and standardise the identity of the Lake Geneva navigation company. The realisation of the relaunch was preceded by a comprehensive market analysis. Based on the current brand fundamentals, a logo which still displays the brand’s historic anchor was developed. In addition, four sub-brands were identified, each incorporating in its name both the initials CGN and a second term defining its specific offer. The typography, which all brands have in common, is inspired by the marine world.

  • Client:
    CGN SA, Lausanne
  • Design:
    Moser Design SA, Lausanne
  • creative direction:
    Caroline Mesple-Moser, Alexandre Henriques
  • graphic design:
    Pierre Terrier, Marie Stadelmann
  • text:
    Alain Perusset
  • brand strategy:
    Nicolas Peter
  • account management:
    Géraldine Nicole