Infrared Cabin

Chaleur Lounge

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Bringing wellness and comfort into a highly limited space was the core objective in the development of the Chaleur Lounge infrared sauna. The 162 × 162 × 200 cm cabin with its wide glass front is equipped with two ergonomically shaped loungers with a recess covered in artificial leather, that houses the patented infrared heater. Thanks to its “S”-shape, the heater follows the course of the spine and flexibly adapts to the body’s anatomy. The interior of the Chaleur Lounge is made of Old Oak, while the outside uses dark brown MDF.

Statement by the Jury

The conclusive design and the high-grade material of the loungers are consistently geared towards user comfort and allow a relaxed posture in a small space.

  • Manufacturer:
    AWT Alpha Industries BVBA, Hasselt, Belgium
  • In-house design:
    AWT Alpha Industries BVBA, Hasselt, Belgium