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Check My Machine

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“Check My Machine”, made for the launch of the new BMW 1 Series, shows the fascination of automotive production in all its facets. It creates an abstract array of images which turn the process of manufacturing into an emotionalising experience. The central element of the film is a soundtrack that is well coordinated to the images and produced entirely with sounds made by the car. The track displays the manufacturing process in an artistic way and is part of the narrative structure. The viewer is led to believe that these sounds are emitted by the robots and machines building the vehicle, but in the end it becomes evident that all sounds actually originate with the car itself.

  • Client:
    BMW Group, Munich head of marketing Oliver Aeschlimann
  • Design:
    Bureau Mirko Borsche, Munich; The Brainstormclub, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Mirko Borsche, Bureau Mirko Borsche; Daniel Falk, The Brainstormclub
  • concept:
    Oliver Aeschlimann, Jonas Imbery, Mirko Borsche
  • film production:
    Yves Peitzner, The Brainstormclub
  • direction:
    Daniel Falk, The Brainstormclub
  • camera:
    Marcus Adam, Daniel Falk, The Brainstormclub
  • music/sound design:
    Jonas Imbery, Gomma Records