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This video uses flashbacks to trace the entire life of a person with black humour from impending death to childhood. The protagonist in the film watches the events in his life through a kind of window showing familiar faces happily raising their glasses in salute. At the end of the video, the dying person has said farewell and opens a door that leads into a soft carpet of clouds. The six-minute film wants to convey that life does not have to be serious but can be delightful and simple, thus presenting an alternative life philosophy.

  • Client:
    Bin Music, Taipei
  • Design:
    Grass Jelly Studio, Taipei
  • film production:
    Yi-Chien Lee, Grass Jelly Studio
  • film direction:
    Muh Chen, Grass Jelly Studio
  • music/sound design:
    Bin Music
  • camera:
    Jing Ping Yu, Taipei
  • lighting design:
    Pony Ma, Taipei
  • post-production:
    Ming-Yuan Chuan, Roland Yang, Hsiao Han Tseng, Kang Li, Hao Xiang Lin, Grass Jelly Studio
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