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Cheetah FriendBot

Cheetah FriendBot | Red Dot Design Award

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Cheetah FriendBot is an intelligent robot designed for children that provides educational and entertainment features and promotes interaction between parent and child. The incorporated voice dialogue system communicates with children in an appropriate tone and language. When parents are busy or not around, the robot can play with the children, tell them stories and provide several amusing interactions, using voice, light and sound. It can also detect children performing dangerous acts in the house, such as climbing, and send off a warning in time.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Cheetah Mobile, Beijing, China
  • Design:
    CMUX Cheetah Mobile, Beijing, China
  • Design Direction:
    Vincent Feng Wen-Pei Hou
  • Graphic Design:
    Zheng Xue Jia-Nan Guo Kai-Rui Wen Yuan Li Qin-Zheng Wang
  • Interaction Design:
    Si-Yue Wang Shuang Li
Cheetah FriendBot | Red Dot Design Award