Chenoa HS


The design goals of the Chenoa HS e-bike were to develop a bicycle with a particularly rigid, durable and light frame that offers high seating and riding comfort, as well as safety. The rechargeable battery not only fits harmoniously and aesthetically in the carbon frame, but it is also intended to have a stabilising effect through its central balance point. Specially designed cross sections for the chainstays, a carbon or suspension fork and 50 mm tyres, which safely master road curves, complete the high-class features of this e-bike.

  • Manufacturer:
    Simplon Fahrrad GmbH, Hard, Austria
  • In-house design:
    Simplon Fahrrad GmbH, Hard, Austria

Statement by the Jury

The lightweight frame, which is a focus of the Chenoa HS, is combined with the stability to create an appealing, high-quality e-bike.