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This image film illustrates moments and emotions backstage at a fashion show in a metaphorical yet captivating way. Fashion shows can only be glamorous because of the hard work behind the scenes. The film shows pressure, harshness and pain as well as moments of pulsating life, pride and rhythm – the protagonists are both strong and vulnerable. In order to keep the focus on the human dedication within this industry, clothing is presented only once. The soundtrack creates a strong contrast to the black-and-white images and becomes the driving force of the film.

  • Client:
    Choreograffiti, Waldek Szymkowiak, Cologne
  • Design:
    Elastique., Cologne
  • Film Direction:
    Sarah Böckenhüser, Andreas Schimmelpfennig
  • Film Editing:
    Sarah Böckenhüser
  • Creative Direction:
    Andreas Schimmelpfennig
  • Art Direction:
    Betty Schimmelpfennig
  • Project Management:
    Luzi Kahn
  • Composer:
    Julian Scherle, Los Angeles
  • Camera:
    Leif Thomas, Cologne