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Cisco Webex Room Panorama

Cisco Webex Room Panorama | Red Dot Design Award

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Natural immediacy

Video conferencing has become an integral part in many workplaces because it not only allows more immediate communication but also offers ecological advantages. Cisco Webex Room Panorama is a high-end video telepresence system featuring user-friendly technology that can discretely blend with the surrounding office environment. Video collaboration with this system is decisively shaped by the fact that the quadruple camera lens system makes the two 82" 8K screens become one. This creates a single large panorama screen that immerses users in a natural meeting experience with the other location. Adapted to the needs during a conference, such as sharing documents or other content, an additional 65" screen is attached above the panoramic view. Webex Room Panorama represents an evolution of existing Cisco video conferencing systems. This new video collaboration system showcases a clear language of form and carefully executed details that aim at integrating itself naturally into modern office environments. The light and reduced aesthetics of its design creates a friendly, relaxed and inviting atmosphere, offering conference participants a vivid experience of natural face-to-face encounters, as the participants on the other side are shown in their real size on the screen. Optimised via directional microphones, the audio quality further enhances the fascinating experience of being in one and the same a room with all participants.

Statement by the Jury

This new video collaboration system lends communicating with distant conference participants an impressively natural and immediate feel. The interactive approach offered by Cisco Webex Room Panorama is highly engaging and makes meetings more effective. The generously sized panoramic view screen enhances collaborative work. The clear language of form and unobtrusive appearance of the system are complemented by a high reliability and powerful technical features.

Red Dot Design Award

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