Corporate Design

Clara Buntin

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In her programme “Ich und Clara” (Me and Clara), Clara Buntin, a German-speaking artist with Italian roots, unusually presents rich wordplay and bizarre songs full of poetry. The concept of the colourful corporate identity is based on the almost schizophrenic dialogues which Clara Buntin presents in her solo programme. The aim was to visually reflect her imaginary dialogues in a flexible corporate design. For this purpose, a special font was developed that depicts the division of a typeface. In addition, Clara’s initials “C” and “B” are used in different variants.

  • Client:
    Clara Buntin, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Design:
    Büro: Jürgen X. Albrecht // Konzeption + Gestaltung, Offenburg, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Jürgen X. Albrecht
  • Graphic Design:
    Raphael Mathias