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Clavinova CSP Series

Clavinova CSP Series | Red Dot Design Award

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The digital pianos of the Clavinova CSP Series are linked to the dedicated app that lets you intuitively control all functions and play your favourite songs effortlessly. When a song is selected on a smart device, it automatically creates the piano accompaniment scores. In addition, the Stream Lights moving towards each key indicate which notes to play and when to play them. The Clavinova CSP Series also features a high-quality keyboard, speaker system and a broad range of sounds. Users can enjoy superb performance with the touch and feel of an acoustic grand. Without electronic buttons, they look like classic pianos and are available in black, polished ebony and white.

Statement by the Jury

The innovative lights indicating the keys to be hit are as outstanding as the automatic creation of scores. The stylish digital pianos increase the joy of playing the piano considerably.

Red Dot Design Award