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Clean and Convenient

Clean and Convenient | Red Dot Design Award

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Traditionally, the pen needs to be dipped into the bottle to get refilled, which leaves residual ink on the penholder and nib. Any residual ink might also permanently dye and corrode the penholder. Clean and Convenient overcomes this problem by adding a component specially for refilling. The ink cartridge can be taken out and directly installed on the refilling component, thus avoiding leaving ink on the penholder or creating a mess in general. With Clean and Convenient, the special ink-absorbing device is convenient and does not require the user to wipe the pen. It also avoids potential situations of ink splash or spillage. To use, simple take out the ink cartridge when it is empty and attach it to the refilling component. Then, rotate the end of the cartridge to start refilling and remove it after the ink us filled. The cartridge can be returned to the pen. Here are some important details regarding the design: the outlet on the refilling component may let ink back into bottle and balance pressure inside and outside the bottle; the interface of the refilling component is made to fit different ink containers; the slight slope allows unneeded ink to flow back into the bottle. The concave section at the base of the bottle promises to exhaust every drop of ink in the bottle.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Dalian Minzu University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Bao Haimo, Sun Jing
  • Design:
    Cheng Yuxi, Ran Xuyang, Song Jialin, Wang Di, Wang Jiabin, Ye Zhen, Wang Chuanyin, Zhang Xinyue
Clean and Convenient | Red Dot Design Award