Brand Identity

Co-Creation! Camp

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Japan faces unprecedented social issues such as a low birthrate, an ageing population and the depopulation of the region. This is the background of the logo design and branding for the event “Co-Creation! Camp”, in which people talk about local revitalisation for the future. The target group are the people involved in the Japanese tourism industry. The various colours of the brand design symbolise individual wishes. The imagery emphasises networking as well as diverse future perspectives. The event produced many ideas and resulted in more than 100 projects.

  • Production:
    Ai Sanda
  • Art Direction:
    Kei Sato
  • Design:
    Recruit Communications Co., Ltd., Tokyo Number8 Creative Inc., Tokyo
  • Client:
    Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd., Tokyo
  • Typography:
    Junko Igarashi, TAKI Corporation, Tokyo
  • Creative Direction:
    Takahiro Nagahama
  • Design Team:
    Haruma Yonekawa, Ryo Shimomura, Moe Uchimura, Yasuhiro Tamura, Daisuke Yano