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CODAN | Red Dot Design Award

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When developing the new font for Codan, the company committed to a consistent new typographical departure. At the heart of this approach was the visual refinement of the brand. Furthermore, the font must meet the requirements of digital communication. This resulted in a font family which – inspired by basic geometric forms like circles, triangles and squares – conveys stability while leaving scope for playful nuances. The clear style with a high recognition value combines texts and communication content effectively, bringing the logo, the icons and the layout system into harmony with each other.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    CODAN Insurance, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Design:
    Bold Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Creative Direction / Graphic Design:
    Muggie Ramadani
  • Typography:
    Chester Jenkins Village, New York, USA Muggie Ramadani
  • Project Management:
    Mikala Hoegsberg
  • Account Management:
    Anders Holm Larsen