Red Dot Design Award

Collaborative Robot, Indy7

Collaborative Robot, Indy7 | Red Dot Design Award

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Collaborative Robot, INDY7's smooth curved joint design differs from other existing collaborative robots. Its trapezoidal design enhances stability and harmonises the curves and lines to bring out a holistic feeling. Checking the structure and state of the robot is also made simpler, thanks to its design that minimises any unnecessary complex design components. INDY7 responds to intentional force exerted by human beings. However, it senses unintentional collision by relying on algorithms rather than sensors to prevent accidents and injuries during the work process.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Neuromeka, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Dr. Park Jonghoon
  • Design:
    Choi Yujin, Kim Heungki, Park Yongsik
  • Design partner:
    Design Uno, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Shin Jung A