Multi-Device Charging Tray


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Colony is a three-component charging station that can accommodate up to seven digital devices. The tray itself has no charging function, but its base provides ample space for the installation of USB chargers for different devices. Matching cables can wound around the outside, with the residual required length of cable not needed while charging the devices stored inside the central section. During the charging process, the devices can simply be placed on the topmost tray. Colony is made of a composite material consisting of resin and stone powder, which gives the charging station an artisanal feel.

Statement by the Jury

With the appearance of an artisanal object, the design of the Colony multi-device charging tray, that helps to keep the workplace tidy, draws attention.

  • Manufacturer:
    Trinity, Inc., Niiza, Japan
  • Design:
    TENT, Ryosaku Aoki Masayuki Haruta, Tokyo, Japan