Red Dot Design Award

Color Blending Effect in Plastics

Color Blending Effect in Plastics | Red Dot Design Award

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The goal of the design team was to create a paint-free solution and that does not harm the environment. The final solution is a product which is 100% plastic. It does not have a sprayed gradation or film attachment and has not gone through any post-processing procedures. Since it is a material that has not undergone any processing, it is an environmentally friendly material which can be recycled. This colour blending method is designed to be applied with the conventional injection moulding process for mass production, making it possible to roll out products at a faster pace. This method allows for the control of the widths and the starting positions of gradation by setting the processing conditions without changing the mould, thus giving it scalability. The single-layer application is suitable for injection moulding of slim objects while creating natural-looking gradation on all sides. The refined colours of gradation can be implemented with the use of ABS and PC materials.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
  • Team Lead:
    Kahng Soo Kyung
  • Design:
    Chae Eunyoung, Chae Soo Hyun, Ju Minji, Kyoung Jun Hyouk
Color Blending Effect in Plastics | Red Dot Design Award