Bulk Brew Coffee Maker



ComBi-line is a stylish coffee maker for professional use, with which large quantities of coffee can be made in a short time. The device is composed of one brewing unit and one or two cans, each with 5, 10 or 20 litres capacity. It is equipped with a fast filter system that relies on pre-filled filters. Using the touch-operating panel, you set the coffee quantity and start the brewing process, whereupon water at the precise temperature flows through the filter into the can.

  • Manufacturer:
    Animo, Assen, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Pezy Group, Arif Veendijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Statement by the Jury

The bulk brew ComBi-line gains merit with a tidy appearance and uncomplicated operation. The user interface is easily accessed, integrated in the front of the central brewing unit.