Red Dot Design Award
High Chair

ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1

ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 | Red Dot Design Award

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ComfortBaby SmartChair 2in1 is a child’s high chair which grows with the child. It has an ergonomic design combined with high-quality materials, manufactured with new woodworking technology. Completely rounded surfaces, a well-considered safety concept and an optional five-point seatbelt allow the chair to be used starting at six months of age, enabling the child to sit at the table and take part in family life. The chair is utilisable up to an age of ten years.

Statement by the Jury

The ComfortBaby SmartChair 2in1 is attractive as a children’s chair which grows with the child. The choice of beech gives it the necessary sturdiness and durability.

Red Dot Design Award