Branding, Corporate Communication

Conservatoire de Lausanne

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The Conservatoire de Lausanne aims to initiate children and young adults into the pleasures of music. As part of defining a brand strategy, a new corporate design was developed that playfully combines the bass clef with the first letter “C”. Score-like illustrations of sound vibrations on advertising materials playfully allude to the institute’s area of expertise. The pictorial language features a series of photos from everyday life, showing students who enjoy making music at home.

  • Client:
    Conservatoire de Lausanne
  • Design:
    Moser Design SA, Lausanne
  • head of marketing:
    Nicolas Peter
  • creative direction:
    Caroline Mesple-Moser, Alexandre Henriques
  • graphic design:
    Pierre Terrier, Catherine Pouly, Andreas Richter
  • text:
    Alain Perusset
  • project management:
    Géraldine Nicole
  • web development:
    Fabien Kupferschmid