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Cork Speaker

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The Cork is an innovative Bluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality by being placed on a bottle. With the bottle serving as resonance body, this speaker sets itself apart from other micro speakers that sacrifice sound quality in favour of a smaller construction size. The design of the speaker is reminiscent of a wine cork, alluding to its functionality. A washable silicon ring, supplied in two different sizes, serves as connection to the bottle. Moreover, the reutilisation of a used object stands for sustainability.

Statement by the Jury

The Cork takes an inventive approach to combining environmental awareness with a modern lifestyle and also opens up new options for music listening.

  • Manufacturer:
    Woori Elec. Co., Ltd., Bucheon, South Korea
  • Design:
    Leedeyeon, Inc. (Jeongjae Lee, Yeontaek Lee), Seoul, South Korea