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The floor coverings in buildings visited by large numbers of people have to fulfil extremely high requirements. Running surfaces, in particular, suffer from intensive wear. Corktex is a versatile covering with impressive innovative properties for use in hotels, offices or trade fair halls. It is made of high-tenacity polyester thread and a decorative covering with high resistance to abrasion. Moreover, the surfaces feature Microban treatment preventing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. This flooring is easy to install, as well as fast and simple to maintain. Its underside features a highly compression-resistant support comprising an agglomerate of cork and rubber granules obtained through a recycling process to ensure ecological soundness and durability. In addition, this compound also provides high soundproofing. The flooring is both convenient to walk on and non-slip. Another important aspect of the Corktex collection is the good thermal comfort it offers. Corktex is not only suitable for lining floors, but also lends itself perfectly for aesthetic use on walls and ceilings, and as decorative element for suspended ceilings. Based on innovative ideas and developments, this floor covering emerged as a new appealing product that inspires interior planners and aestheticises the environment.

Statement by the Jury

Corktex fascinates with outstanding comfort when standing or walking on it and with many other advantageous properties. This distinctive floor covering indeed sets new standards with its innovative qualities. Alongside providing very good soundproofing, it is also durable and ecologically friendly. Since it can also be used as decorative wall and ceiling covering, it offers many possibilities for the interior design of public buildings, trade fair halls, offices or hotels.

  • Manufacturer:
    Desenvolupament, Igualada, Spain
  • In-house design:
    Albert Carol
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