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cotocoto Al series

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With its rounded shapes, the cotocoto Al series is inspired by the shape of a donut. Made of cast aluminium, this thick-walled cookware possesses a high thermal storage capacity but is, at the same time, pleasantly light for easy handling. In addition, good thermal conductivity and even heat distribution guarantee that less water is needed for cooking: the water evaporates, circulates in the pot, condenses and drips from the lid back into the food. The special shape and structure of the lids further enhance this effect.

Statement by the Jury

The emotionally appealing design vocabulary underlines the high utility value of this outstandingly handy cookware series.

  • Manufacturer:
    Asahi Light Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan
  • Design:
    Shirai Design Lab., Takeshi Shirai, Osaka, Japan