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Crutch for Scavengers

Crutch for Scavengers | Red Dot Design Award

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Scavenging for food is a means of surviving by rummaging through trash for food. Crutch for Scavengers is a multifunctional crutch designed to make scavenging easier. Instead of using hands, the rake of the crutch allows one to reach into bins and fish out items easily. Since a lot of scavenging takes places in the night and in deep trash bins, the crutch is also installed with LED lights. Without having to use their hands, scavengers are less vulnerable to infections. But just in case accidents happen, antiseptic cotton buds and Band-Aids are also provided in the handle of the crutch so that any cuts or wounds from scavenging can be quickly cleaned up and disinfected. Observing how scavengers who are homeless tend to carry large bags of garbage or objects on their shoulders, the length of this crutch can also be used for this purpose.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Jiang Jingfan, China