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Cubit is a smart device that introduces Artificial Intelligence into the DIY and Smart Home market. Going beyond reporting data and measurements, Cubit gathers these data and actively provides a solution for the issue. Cubit then communicates the dimensional guidance to the user for their projects. Users can now complete a project with almost no manual calculations and minimal measurements on their own. The device is named Cubit because “cubit” was the first measurement system ever invented, and with this system, the Egyptians built the pyramids. Three unique features set Cubit apart from other smart home devices. Firstly, its AI ability solves problems based on user inputs and provides DIY guidance after the user enters the commands via the touch screen or smartphone app. For example, the user wants to centralise a TV on a wall; instead of measuring and calculating this manually, the user keys the intention into the Cubit smartphone app, which will alert the user when the TV has reached the desired centralised spot. Instead of just giving out dimensional data, Cubit solves the problem based on the task given by the user. Secondly, a “Build Smart” map connects and commands other smart products in the Smart home. Cubit opens the API to work actively with Smart home product manufacturers to develop products that is compatible with this technology. This will allow users to better integrate smart technology into their personal and professional lives as a whole. Lastly, the measuring and planning of a project for construction, DIY or renovation projects require a lot of data within the overall scope of work. Cubit's laser distance measurer and built-in smart wheel allows the device to passively and actively generate data points and send the data to the interactive Smart map in real-time via Bluetooth. The user is then able to connect any points on the map and get the measurement between them. Once the user generates the perimeter data, they can interactively use the app to calculate measurements without having to physically measure again.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    NWi, United States
  • Team Lead:
    David Xing
  • Design:
    Xin Shi, Di Yao, Jinmin Zeng, Chaojie Zhou