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Cupboard Refrigerator

Cupboard Refrigerator | Red Dot Design Award

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The traditional fridge is like a big bulky box that takes up a huge chunk of space in the kitchen. Not only is its bulky form not harmonious with the kitchen environment, but all the food piled together in a refrigerator is also easy to forget. The Cupboard Refrigerator breaks the traditional fridge concept and improves the storage situation. When one walks into the kitchen, the fresh and colourful fruits and vegetables are displayed in a presentable manner in the Cupboard Refrigerator. Designed with drawers that maximise storage space, it is also easy to retrieve the ingredients stored. The refrigerator has a small furnishing size but provides large refrigeration capacity. Its overall form sits in harmony with the home environment, and the kitchen is no longer a dull scene, reigniting the pleasure of cooking in the kitchen. Food in a traditional refrigerator tends to be stored chaotically, shoved into corners, easily forgotten and left to expire. Cupboard Refrigerator has a fully transparent top glass panel so that food is always in sight and easily manageable. Furthermore, the temperature and humidity of each compartment can be uniquely set for different types of ingredients to be preserved optimally.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Anhui Chuang An Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Zha Xiao
  • Design:
    Hao Hao, Jiang Jian-Feng, Li Rong, Li Yi, Liu Hui, Qian Cheng, Xu Bo