Red Dot Design Award

CXY-Dash Cam

CXY-Dash Cam | Red Dot Design Award

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Conventional dashboard cameras are usually designed with a large camera screen attached to many components like brackets and mounting frames. CXY-Dash Cam streamlines the components of a mounted dashboard camera into a single sleek, lightweight and compact camera body. Dashboard cameras are usually built for the sole purpose of road video recording. They do not have a quick way to switch to an ultra high-definition camera mode. CXY-Dash Cam works with a control button that can be fixed to the steering wheel of the car for such situations. For ultra high-definition photos, the driver only has to press that button to shoot and save.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design studio:
    Guangzhou Husky Design Co. Ltd, China, China
  • Team Lead:
    Ronsben Huen
  • Design:
    Kinson Chan, Rice Mak
CXY-Dash Cam | Red Dot Design Award