Gas Combi Boiler


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The combination of form, function and user-friendliness was given centre stage in the development of the efficient D2CND-A1A gas combi boiler. The gap between the front and the sides is both visually impressive and functional as it makes maintenance easier. The user interface is highlighted by its dark colouring. The “Daikin Eye” embodies a central element in communicating the status of the device. An app complements the boiler’s user-oriented features.

Statement by the Jury

This gas boiler merges efficient heating technology with a user-oriented design. Its language of form is restrained, yet manages to create effective accents.

  • Manufacturer:
    Daikin Europe nv, Oostende, Belgium
  • Design:
    yellow design gmbh, Alexander Schlag Michael Küpper, Pforzheim, Germany