DA.AI Heart Purifying App

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The Heart Purifying mobile app was designed to promote the true value of DA.AI Technology. It invites users to learn about PET bottles in the eco-friendly textile production process, the “Culture of Environmental Protection” and “Cycle of Love” that back this process, and to understand how the company fulfils its duty as a social enterprise. The app also connects to the brand’s various social and media platforms. It works with new-ly designed Eco Product Tag and exhibition area to let customers see their environment-saving results and the inspiring stories behind these eco-friendly products.

  • Icon Design:
    Antonia Pin-Ying Chen
  • Programming:
    Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu City
  • Creative Direction:
    Tom Chun-Hsiang Yang
  • Design:
    DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd., Taipei City
  • Concept/UI Design:
    Tom Chun-Hsiang Yang
  • Client:
    DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd., Taipei City