Corporate Design


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This newly developed visual identity of a roofer cooperative makes use of well-known industry components such as the colour red and an easy-to-understand logo in form of a roof. Two halves of a roof meet as one, symbolising the cooperative philosophy, while the positioning of the roof sets the direction – upwards. The number that is integrated in both logo and name underlines the leadership position as well as the cooperative philosophy that “We are one”. In addition, photos of members create authenticity.

  • Client:
    Dachdecker-Einkauf Ost eG, Braunschweig
  • Design:
    Heine Warnecke Design GmbH, Hannover and Münsterland
  • creative direction:
    Dirk Heine
  • graphic design:
    Annika Sunder
  • project management:
    Cord Warnecke
  • camera:
    Dirk Heine
  • image editing:
    Wiebke Alm