Self-Promotional Item, Christmas Mailing

DART Christmas 2015

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In the sense of animation in paper form, this Christmas mailing challenges the senses. Exciting in visual appeal thanks to the use of different patterns, it also offers qualitites that are pleasing to the touch. Furthermore, as a collaborative project between DART agency and the specialist printing shop Imberger, it aims at visualising their symbiosis of design and high-end print coating. Serving as a source of inspiration were works by chronophotographers Ottomar Anschütz and Eadweard Muybridge, their aesthetics translated here into a contemporary layout with surprising effects.

  • Printing:
    Spezialdruckerei Imberger, Stuttgart
  • Design:
    DART | Beratende Designer, Stuttgart
  • Client:
    DART | Beratende Designer, Stuttgart
  • Art Direction:
    Daniel Zeitler