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Das ist mein Körper – Anatomie für Kinder This is my body – Anatomy for kids

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This educational app gives children an understanding of the principles of human anatomy. By playfully tapping and swiping colourful illustrations, children discover and learn about the nervous system, the senses, the skeleton and much more. To ensure that even younger kids can enjoy the app, its elements are represented visually using colour and shapes, while text is read out loud. Older children, who can already read, have the option of digging deeper into the content with extensive textual information.

  • Client:
    urbn; interaction, Berlin
  • Design:
    urbn; interaction, Berlin
  • creative direction/ project management:
    Franka Futterlieb
  • art direction:
    Anna Mentzel
  • illustration:
    Anna Mentzel, Franka Futterlieb
  • programming:
    Benjamin Müller
  • animation:
    Jörn Alraun