Red Dot Design Award
18/1 Poster

Das Kind im Mann

Das Kind im Mann | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to once again trigger the Matchbox brand in the memory of fathers, this poster campaign pursues the idea of a flashback: real cars were parked in front of posters at parking lots as part of this campaign so as to foster a child’s perspective that would remind fathers of their own childhood. Showing oversize room details, such as the lower part of a radiator close to the floor or power outlets on patterned wallpaper, the visuals on the posters in 18/1 format transformed the real cars parked in front of them into Matchbox size. This simple approach to staging has created the impression of a child’s perspective of the world, and the campaign thus manages to invoke personal childhood memories in the beholders.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Mattel GmbH, Dreieich
  • Design:
    Ogilvy Deutschland
  • creative direction:
    Michael Fucks
  • art direction:
    Joachim Bacherl
Das Kind im Mann | Red Dot Design Award
Das Kind im Mann | Red Dot Design Award