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De Correspondent

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The Dutch online news platform De Correspondent offers a new form of journalism by enabling members to contribute content interactively. It follows the approach of offering high-quality news and stories that would otherwise slip under the radar of most media due to not being considered as conventional news. The website is fully responsive and allows a high degree of exchange and transparency. The correspondents thus each have their own page for publishing all their stories. Another user-friendly feature is the specially developed editor called Respondens. It boasts a new kind of CMS that enables correspondents to function as conversation leaders in real time. Additional interactive features, such as the possibility of controlling story streams and creating own layouts, are combined with a clear and well-arranged interface that is conducive to promoting this new form of exchanging news.

Statement by the Jury

Based on a dynamic concept, the online news platform De Correspondent offers users a novel approach to digital news publishing and exchanging content with readers. Featuring an interface design that is both highly sophisticated and clearly arranged, the platform offers editors the ability to individually customise and create easy-to-follow processes for their daily editing work. It is also the typography and the illustration style that are characterising this interface in a fascinating way.

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    De Correspondent
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