Interaction Design

Decision Pilot

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Against the background that decision-making gets harder and harder when it comes to customising a car due to the sheer abundance of options, the Decision Pilot by Mercedes-Benz provides customers with a useful assistant. An algorithm identifies the degree of indecisiveness of the user and then triggers a specific view for comparing options. Following a well-thought-out design concept, users are presented with context-sensitive navigation panels that display all information only when needed. In addition, the Decision Pilot, which has been launched in 20 countries worldwide, provides high-resolution car images and 360-degree views in an interface design optimised for touch displays.

  • Client:
    Mercedes-Benz Cars, Stuttgart
  • Design:
    Jung von Matt/next GmbH, Hamburg
  • Managing Director:
    Stefan Mohr
  • Creative Direction:
    Robert Andersen, Michael Seifert
  • Art Direction:
    Leonid Fishman, Oliver Machulla
  • UX Design:
    Katharina Koeth