deconstruct – Vergänglichkeit im digitalen Zeitalter

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The “deconstruct” book project connects the digital and analogue worlds. For this purpose the agency initially wound up its old website, but without deleting the existing data. Instead, the site was divided into 48 sections, which visitors can download and print. Spread all over the real world, the snippets received new homes, were photographed and then sent back. All photos are united in “deconstruct”. The book moreover offers interviews on the topics of transience, memory and eternity.

  • Client:
    giraffentoast design gmbh, Hamburg
  • Design:
    giraffentoast design gmbh, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Holger Markewitz-Peters
  • art direction:
    Bastian Seiler
  • concept:
    Jens Lueg
  • programming:
    Lars Schwarz
  • text:
    Dirk Rothmund
  • internship:
    Anna Górecka