denkwerk Social Media Guidelines

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The agency denkwerk employs web professionals, social media enthusiasts and newcomers. To meet the demands of modern online communication and to ensure that its employees behave appropriately when using the social web, fundamental social media guidelines were staged in the form of an amusing cartoon video. Each of these guideline directives is presented on a sophisticatedly designed book page and, thus, a story begins that draws attention by illustrating the subject. The aim of this lovingly designed production was to arouse the interest of the employees and show them how important this subject is for the agency. The video deals with the behaviour among employees, the question of how to deal with so-called “trolls” – that is, grumblers and troublemakers – as well as the communication of sensitive content and corporate affiliation. Employees thus become familiar with the codes and rules of behaviour within just three minutes, enabling them to use social networks with a clear conscience. Statement by the jury »This video impresses in particular with its charming, high-quality appearance and strong love for detail, two characteristics that are highly unusual and surprising as the work is meant only for in-house use at the agency. Also remarkable, alongside the aesthetic implementation, is the fact that these guidelines are conveyed not by force-feeding information but rather in a tongue-in-cheek way.«

  • Client:
    denkwerk GmbH, Cologne
  • Design:
    denkwerk GmbH, Cologne
  • illustration/animation:
    Christian Warstat
  • motion design:
    Gregor Kuschmirz
By starting the video, you agree that data, e.g. your IP address, will be sent to Vimeo.
By starting the video, you agree that data, e.g. your IP address, will be sent to Vimeo.