Red Dot Design Award

Denso Pulp Juicer

Denso Pulp Juicer | Red Dot Design Award

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Modern Indians’ food consumption habits are quickly evolving past the boundaries of traditional Indian home cooking, with many seeking options that are healthier, more convenient, and more hygienic. The benefits of raw fruit fibre are becoming more widely known, but many avoid juicing due to the fact that the process removes fruit fibre, eliminating important nutrients with it. The Denso Pulp Juicer addresses this issue by giving users a choice between thick pulpy juice, or juice with no pulp in it. Using motor-powered centrifugal force, it strains fruit juice through a specially designed mesh that has pores that either keep fibre out or allow it to pass through. A great improvement from the regular bulky juicers, this compact juicer with its chic and contemporary form language, is one you won't mind having on display. Every element is designed with utmost attention to detail to provide a delightful user experience. The juicing spout can be collapsed when not in use, to align with the overall form of the juicer. A closed spout would not accumulate dust and maintains hygiene. The air vents are smartly converted into a design element to seamlessly integrate them with the aesthetics. Other features like vibration absorbing suction feet and spiked pusher base work together to create an efficient and user friendly appliance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Havells India Ltd, India
  • Team Lead:
    Kriti Goyal
  • Design:
    Rajeev Kumargupta, Karthikeyan Sabapthy
Denso Pulp Juicer | Red Dot Design Award