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Der Greif – Magazin für Fotografie und Literatur

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Der Greif (German for “griffin”) is a magazine for contemporary photography and literature from around the world. Devoid of thematic restrictions, the magazine is based on a combination of works submitted via the magazine website. The main focus is on the photographs’ content, form and emotions. Sensitive and suspenseful compositions create space for associations. This book-like Gesamtkunstwerk is antithetically posited vis-à-vis the Internet. The dramatic effect of the published photographs is not interrupted by advertisements; instead, sponsors present themselves on the website and in the magazine’s masthead.

  • Client:
    Hochschule Augsburg / University of Applied Sciences Augsburg supervising professor Prof. Hans Heitmann
  • Design:
    Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt, Florian Kreier (Text)