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Desertec Foundation

Desertec Foundation | Red Dot Design Award

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A new corporate design was developed for Desertec, an initiative that aims to harness solar energy on a large scale by building solar power plants in the Sahara Desert. The distinctive logo is a stylised representation of the earth with the sun shining on it, the half-circle on the right also forming the letter “D”. The symbolic colours are derived from the company’s activities and are globally understandable: green stands for environmentally friendly energy, yellow-orange for the sun, and beige for the desert sand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Desertec Foundation, Hamburg
  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Knut Maierhofer (Managing Partner, Design), Michael Keller (Managing Partner, Creation)
  • art direction:
    Helena Frühauf, Atli Hilmarsson
  • graphic design:
    Jessica Krier
  • project management:
    Sandra Ehm
  • production:
    Matthias Karpf
Desertec Foundation | Red Dot Design Award
Desertec Foundation | Red Dot Design Award