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Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation

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As a nonprofit limited liability company, the work of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation is focused on collecting, exhibiting and promoting photographic art. The letters, derived from the foundation’s name, form the key visual, complementing the logo as a striking and yet contained frame for each photography. It is an essential function of the flexible design concept to focus on the artworks in order to let them speak for themselves. They are presented in full format with suitable white space in all media. Alongside the classic print material, the web presence is essential.

  • Client:
    Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation gGmbH, Frankfurt_/Main
  • Art Direction:
    Mirjam Platz
  • Programming:
    Florian Reußenzehn
  • Design:
    hauser lacour kommunikationsgestaltung gmbh, Frankfurt_/Main
  • Creative Direction:
    Laurent Lacour, Kristina Schmidt