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With their colour and structure, floor coverings play a crucial role in defining the atmosphere of an interior. In this respect, the woven vinyl flooring by Dickson offers impressive new features. It was created as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists from research and development. Much like a chameleon can adapt to its environment, this floor covering yields a change in its perception according to the interior. Depending on the reflection of light, it projects ever-changing colour compositions within a space. This striking effect is produced by light being reflected on bicolour fabric threads and is further intensified through the texture and placement of patterns on the covering. The result is a product with astounding 3D and holographic effects created within the space. This material effect allows for the ability to create customised spaces and distinctive environments by mixing tiles of different sizes and colours. Interior designers are invited to get creative and choose from a collection of six different fabric textures in 42 colour shades. They can equip rooms with floor coverings of uniform properties or play with the forms for a graphic and contemporary aspect. Through a skilful combination of style and material effects, the various product lines create expressive floor surfaces with their own identity. This novel kind of floor covering thus stimulates the creation of highly enticing interiors – it redefines the limits of woven floor coverings.

Statement by the Jury

Showcasing fascinating three-dimensional effects, the woven vinyl flooring by Dickson opens up new design dimensions. It changes in colour according to the reflection of light and lends a visually enticing touch to any interior. The interchanging scenarios are based on the innovative use of multi-coloured yarns and special weave structures. This allows numerous possibilities for creating harmonious as well as expressive interior floor surfaces.

  • Manufacturer:
    Dickson Constant, Wasquehal, France
  • In-house design:
    Dickson Constant
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