Corporate Design

Die Bergischen Drei

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At the request of the Bergische Entwicklungsagentur (Agency for the Development of the German Region of Bergisches Land), a corporate design has been created for the towns of Remscheid, Solingen and Wuppertal. Together, these locales promote themselves as a tourist destination called “Die Bergischen Drei” (The Three in Bergisches Land). Created along with a logotype were other materials such as brochures, letterhead, maps, signs for walking trails and a website, including a mobile version. The logo plays with the Roman numeral “III”, with the alignment of the bars corresponding to the geographic position of the three cities. The logo is situated on a white rectangle reminiscent of a ticket. A characteristic feature of the visual identity is light-green hatching as a graphic element that playfully covers pictures and text.

  • Client:
    Bergische Entwicklungsagentur GmbH, Solingen
  • Design:
    ILLIGEN WOLF PARTNER, Wuppertal; bürolongjaloux, Wuppertal
  • Creative Direction:
    Jörg Illigen, ILLIGEN WOLF PARTNER Dirk Longjaloux, bürolongjaloux
  • Art Direction:
    Nadine Kremer-Fischbach, ILLIGEN WOLF PARTNER Kendra Rickert, bürolongjaloux