Die BMW Lightwall

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The task was to promote the BMW M3 Coupé at Hamburg Airport with an expressive and distinctive idea. The solution was a very special billboard in form of a 50 x 2 metre light wall set up in the middle of the arrivals hall. Its special feature is that only one half of the letters of the majuscule claim “EXCEED MAXIMUM” is displayed. The other half is added by the shiny stone floor: it reflects the letters and completes the claim. Enhanced by the light, the claim thus gains the effect of travellers paying attention to it immediately and instinctively, as they get curious to learn what this wall is about. Thus, the message of the light wall simultaneously showcases an automobile that technically exceeds familiar limits through a typographical poster that pushes the limits of formal representation. Statement by the jury »‘EXCEED’ means to ‘go beyond limits’ and, in doing so, to ‘exceed expectations’. The designer convincingly managed to visualise this message for the BMW M3 Coupé on a 50 x 2 metre billboard. The idea to integrate the reflective quality of the long gangway floor into the presentation is outstanding. Through simple typographic means, the word ‘MAXIMUM’ thus takes shape and passers-by can experience this fascinating product staging by becoming part of it.«

  • Client:
    BMW AG, Munich
  • Design:
    serviceplan, Hamburg
  • head of marketing/advertising:
    Alexander Schill
  • creative direction:
    Maik Kaehler, Christoph Nann
  • art direction:
    Roman Becker, Manuel Wolff
  • graphic design:
    Savina Mokreva, Maximilian Kempe
  • text:
    Andreas Schriewer