Red Dot Design Award

Die Liga der wahrhaft außergewöhnlichen Gentlemen.

Die Liga der wahrhaft außergewöhnlichen Gentlemen. | Red Dot Design Award

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This poster was conceived as a visual obituary to express gratitude and high esteem for the late designer and typographer Prof. Kurt Weidemann. The symbolism of the depicted hats represents a direct link to his personality by displaying his hat together with the hats of Indiana Jones and Joseph Beuys. It is meant to honour his lifetime achievement and communicate that, aside from his professionalism, Kurt Weidemann was known for his impressive personality.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    metamorph designwerk, Selm-Bork
  • concept:
    Johannes Loer
  • graphic design:
    Johannes Loer
  • illustration:
    Mathias Kronenberger (Freelancer)