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The fascination of form and material

Carbon fibre reinforced composites possess astonishing properties that offer many design possibilities that are still far from having been exhausted. In this sense, the design of the DISC cooking pot breaks new ground. This cooking pot is made of 99.9 per cent industrial grade pure carbon that is otherwise also used in space technology. The material is characterised by its special far-infrared properties and excellent heat distribution effect. The design quality is also reflected in the outstanding shape the pot has adopted. Inspired in name and design by the circular shape that is found in music and race cars, whereas the side view of the cooking pot astonishes with its continuous triangular shape. Fitting well in the hands, the overall sharp lines and delicate curves are made possible because the product is carved out, while the sides serve as handles so that the fingers can easily grip and hold the pot. The basic structure is intended to reflect the simplicity and elegance seen in the appearance of Japanese shrines and temples. The innovative form goes hand in hand with enhanced functionality. The steam holes can be opened and closed by simply turning the lid. Closing the steam holes is good for both condensed cooking, which eliminates the need to add water, or for pressure cooking. With open holes the pot is ideal for cooking rice or stews.

Statement by the Jury

The design of DISC takes advantage of the properties of carbon fibre that have been proven in areas such as aerospace and motor sports, utilising them in the in­no­vative development of a cooking pot. Highly ­contem­porary, simple and clear in expression, the pot impres­ses with its high production quality and functionality. Created for professional use, it lends itself perfectly for serving directly at the table, promoting a new paradigm in culinary culture.

Red Dot Design Award

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