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Dolby Dimension™

Dolby Dimension™ | Red Dot Design Award

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Mediators of worlds

Listening with headphones allows to be immersed in entertainment. But sometimes it is necessary to stay in touch with the surroundings. Dolby Dimension headphones are equipped with the innovative Dolby LifeMix technology that offers individual control over how much users hear of their surroundings, from a perfect blend of their entertainment and life around them to shutting out the world with active noise cancellation. The Cinematic Sound delivers an incredible sound experience thanks to advanced digital signal processing that significantly enhances the sound of content. For convenience, Source Buttons on the headset can be easily paired with three different Bluetooth devices, allowing users to connect to their entertainment at the touch of a button. A secure, custom-curved headband maximises comfort over long periods of time, and the ear cups are fully wrapped in a durable synthetic leather, progressively getting softer before seamlessly blending into the custom-formed ear pads. The perforated cores of the ear cups hint at the headphones’ ability to let sound in while housing the omnidirectional microphones for Dolby LifeMix. To ensure the headphones are always charged and within easy reach, the intuitive Power Base charging station is included in the package.

Statement by the Jury

The attractively designed Dolby Dimension Bluetooth headphones deliver a special kind of listening expe­rience. They are equipped with powerful, high-quality Cinematic Sound technology and the innovative Dolby LifeMix technology, which allows users to adjust the degree of external noise cancellation as needed. In keeping with their high-quality design, the individ­ually adjustable headphones are also highly comfortable to wear.

Red Dot Design Award

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