Miniatur Spotlight

dot10 .LNK


These miniature spotlights are particularly suitable for narrow lighting situations such as in showcases. With their compact size of 21 × 19 × 22 mm, they remain discreetly in the background. Intuitive- to-use mechanisms allow tool-free adjustments to meet individual requirements. Featuring a magnetic base, the LED spotlights can be placed freely on the power track, rotated by 360 degrees and swivelled by 180 degrees. The screw cap on the spotlight head facilitates the replacement of the lens.

  • Manufacturer:
    kessler licht technik GmbH (i.G.), Königseggwald, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Tobias Tarkotta

Statement by the Jury

As a well thought-out product solution, these efficient miniature spotlights offer a high utility value and are low in maintenance.