E-Paper Display


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With a weight of only 349 grams, the DPT-RP1 e-paper display complements modern technology with the properties of paper. This is evident due to the paper-like surface, which conveys to the user an impression of writing on a real sheet of paper with a real pen. The network-compatible device creates A4-sized documents and is equipped with integrated memory storage to accommodate 10,000 documents. Therefore, it is suitable for anyone who wants to comfortably read and edit comprehensive documents, for instance professors or lawyers.

Statement by the Jury

The DPT-RP1 with its user-friendly design is a successful example of combining a traditional writing style with modern electronics.

  • Manufacturer:
    Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • Design:
    Sony Corporation, Naoki Ogishita Yuko Miyano Motoki Higashide Sho Kobayashi Motoo Fuse , Tokyo, Japan