Drip Drop


Drip Drop is a public bench for the main railway station in Arlanda, in Sweden. Its name refers to the droplet-shaped cross-section of the backrest, which is made of solid oak. It is fixed onto a concrete support and creates the impression of simply having been pressed into the still soft concrete. Thanks to its organic shape, the backrest – milled with the help of the CAD/CAM process – ensures users sit comfortably. Both the choice of materials and the design idiom of this bench evoke its Scandinavian heritage.

  • Manufacturer:
    A-Train AB Arlanda Express, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Design:
    Idesign Partners (Johan Larsvall, Nils Löventorn), Stockholm, Sweden

Statement by the Jury

An organic shape characterises the design of the Drip Drop bench. Thanks to its mix of materials – wood and concrete – it also acts as an eye-catcher in a public space.